The 6th of May, the first-class children returned to “their” ciabòt to observe the changes in the spring. They took the opportunity to have a picnic. Their snacks were as healthy as they learned in food education classes: fruit, yogurt, raw vegetables …


As it usually happens during a walk, the children showed their attention to the territory protection, collecting the waste they found on the street.


Here they met two old women from the village who told us about when they were children: their games, school and their snacks.

At the end of our meeting the “grandmothers” left us an ancient recipe: galucio, a traditional local recipe made with bread and a little sugar. “Galucio” in Italian means “little rooster”: in fact, this snack has the shape of a rooster.


When we came back to school we wrote the recipe and the children tried to make it at home.

The video of our “galucio” is here if you want to watch it.



In the following days we made a thank you card for the grandmothers Edilia and Emilia and we did a survey on the recipes of our families’ hearts. Then, we have created a class recipe book and shared photos of our families’ recipes. Enjoy your meal!


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