Near the school, the children see two churches every day: a bigger one, dedicated to San Rocco and a smaller one dedicated to Santa Lucia.

Both are very dear to the population.

In particular, San Rocco was prayed during the plague epidemicin the Middle Age and for this reason he  is very contemporary…..

Reviewing some important topics of geometry (circles, cones, symmetries) and taking inspiration from an idea of  ​​Fiammetta and Samuele, two children of the class, each student  createdhis or her own “character” in 3D.

The pupils then “built”a model of  the church of San Rocco. this activity allowed them to refine the ability to observe and improve drawing skills.

The church of Santa Lucia was instead copied from a photograph taken during a walk, then was reworked and enriched with emotions, ideas, personal sensations.

We can’t go very far at the moment, but we get out of the school very often.We enjoy walking and we take the chance  to observe our territory with landscape and landmarks. We love it. Ad we want to protect and preserve it.

This is the message of our activity: we want to be the custodians of our artistic heritage.



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