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The genealogical tree specific to the Romanian family made by children from our Kindergarten using graphics and photos.

The children managed to create the family tree through drawing and collage after discussing this topic both in kindergarten and at home. They came to the conclusion that in general a Romanian, Hungarian,English, Italian or Spanish family is made up of parents, children (1, 2 or 3 children), uncles and aunts, grandparents and sometimes even grandparents are still alive.

Definition: The family tree is a graphical representation between the descendants of a person, to show schematically their degree of kinship in different families between them. The process of preparing a person’s or family’s family tree is part of genealogical science or even ethnography. In the auxiliary sciences of history, the genealogical tree is spoken of only if the degree of kinship is represented graphically in the form of a tree.

In the family tree, the reference person, with the exact data known, is positioned at the root of the tree.

Children and other descendants are passed in the branches above, and the person with the same degree of younger kinship is passed to the left compared to the older ones.

The family tree can be represented in different variations. For example, only people with the same name are included.

The representation can be done only schematically or can be decorated in different drawings.

Source: https://ro.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arbore_genealogic

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