• 3 didactic activity projects for the topic: Landmarks in Zalău city, in our Sălaj county, Romania

Small Group A, Prolong Program, ”Ion Creangă” Kindergarten – Psycho-Motor Domain – Physical Education: A visit to the Jibou Botanical Garden – applied route

***The Botanical Garden was founded in 1968 by professor Vasile Fati, within the local high school. In 1970, it became an independent unit, faithful to the same noble mission for which it was created, to be the didactic basis for biological education and educational institution for the visiting public in the spirit of love and respect for nature. The garden is organized into sectors, each sector groups the plants from a certain point of view, a complex of greenhouses for collection, micro-production and research, an aquarium complex, a zoo and poultry park, a Japanese garden and a rosary. Data and photo taken from the official website of the Jibou Botanical Garden: http://www.ccbjb.ro/about.html









1 Lesson Plan_Landmarks

Middle Group A , Prolong Program, ”Ion Creangă” Kindergarten – Language and Communication Domain – Reading after pictures: History Museum from Zalău, meeting with specialists from our local museum

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Large Group A, Prolong Program, ”Ion Creangă” Kindergarten – Man and Society Domain – Practical activity – Model – collage: Moigrad Roman Camp

***At Porolissum you can easily search all the components of a Roman fortification, a civil settlement near the camp (military vicus) or a Roman city with all its elements – forum, curia, macellum, walls, street plot, gates entrance, the customs of the empire or a Roman necropolis. The whole area that includes the temples, the houses, the gates of the big camp, the principle of the big camp, the approx. 500 ml. of uncovered street plot, fully preserved amphitheater, over 200 ml. the walls of the encampment of the great camp are preserved, all these monuments are preserved – in situ – and the area is arranged with routes, signposts and the description of each monument in Romanian and English, becoming a huge open-air museum. The praetoria gate of the Pomet camp has been completely restored, the only reconstruction of its kind in Central and South-Eastern Europe.

The data belong to the site https://www.porolissumsalaj.ro/index.php/ro/istorie2?showall=&start=1

3 Lesson Plan_Landmarks




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