In the music classroom we are working on various aspects of music in the Middle Ages, focusing mainly on these three:
What was the music like at that time?
Religious: Gregorian Chant Secular: Troubadours, Minstrels.
What were the instruments that existed at that time?
Chordophones Aerophones Idiophones
How were the dances that were danced at that time.
Parade, entertainment, morris dances or Moorish dances…
Carol, stampie, branle, skip it, tarantella..

We are listening to “a cappella” and instrumental music of the time, instrumental, and dance music. Listening to and identifying images of medieval musical instruments.Learning steps and choreographies of dances of the time. We have started with an “Allemande”, specifically. “Allemande et tripla” for the clarity and simplicity of its steps. It is a very old medieval dance that over time has become a fundamental piece of the collection of suites in later centuries


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