One of the most enriching aspects of the history of Cáceres is that, over the centuries, three great cultures have passed through it: the Arab, the Christian and the Jewish.


The medieval market of the three cultures is a popular festival in our town. It is celebrated at the end of November every year. Our work this term is based on it because It represents the history of our town.

It consists of the celebration of a medieval market with the participation of the cultures that lived in Cáceres and historical settings throughout the Monumental City.There is a programme full of activities and themes related to the three cultures, Christian, Jewish and Muslim, that lived together in Cáceres during the Middle Ages.

In addition to handcrafts and gastronomy, a programme has been drawn up including everything from puppets to musical entertainment, falconry, an exhibition of weapons, simulation of medieval fights and combats, workshops, groups of string-instrument players, exhibitions, tastings, painting… and a wide range of other activities.


Our job this term has been to create different workshops to learn the medieval history of Cáceres through the three cultures. The final project will be to recreate the market in our center, so that all the students can show what they have learned to all the students of our school .

Our students have learnt different aspects of medieval age life and we are going to do a performance where in every stall children show to all the students what they have learnt.

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