Outdoor Learning in the Snow!

After a very cold start to the week, the children in Reception got wrapped up to go and explore the snow. We searched through the snow to find some sticks, which the children then used to write their name and draw pictures on the yard.  

Loving our Garden!

We have enjoyed being in our garden this week, exploring different things we can do and reminding ourselves of our fire safety rules. It was lovely eating our snack around a warm fire! We also spent loads of time rolling tyres and exploring different speeds, turning...

Green fingered Year 6!

Sunflowers, lettuce, chillies- oh my! Year 6 have been getting green-fingered and planting their own seeds to grow a variety of vegetables such as: lettuce, chillies, and sweet peas. They have also planted both red and yellow sunflowers. They are ensuring their plants...

Nature Crowns

Nursery and Year 5 worked together to make nature crowns during our Coronation celebrations! We searched for lots of nature items like flowers, leaves, grass, and sticks, and stuck them onto our crowns to make a beautiful crown. We look amazing!

Year 1 Outdoor Classroom!

The children in year 1 enjoyed a full day outdoors on Thursday. They began the day with a multi skills session followed by a nature scavenger hunt and a find the rainbow challenge. We even took our reading, maths and music lesson outside too!

Wild Passport!

Year 6 enjoyed another full day of learning outside. They enjoyed a jam-packed day of nature quizzes, bug hunts, friendship bracelet making and finished with chocolate digestive s’mores by the fire! 🌿🪵🐜🌼🪲🍢🔥
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