Boomwhacker Music!

Year 3 have been using boomwhackers to recreate pop music in their music lessons. This week, they have practiced a Harry Styles song. Next week, they voted for a Sam Fender song to perform using the boomwhackers.

Music Notation

Year 2 have enjoyed their first couple of music lessons. The children have been writing their music. They know that a note is a musical sound and it can represent the duration of a sound. The children had a go at writing their own music …

Exploring Sound!

We explored how sound can be high and low, and fast and slow, in music with Joe this week! We all enjoyed moving the parachute up and down at different speeds and hearing the different sounds it made.

Music Fun!

In music, we have been practicing counting beats to a rhythm. Today, we used clapping to count 1, 2, 3, 4 beats then say our name. We also used this game to practice taking turns and listening to everyone in the circle. We sounded great!  

Music Fun in Nursery!

In music, we have been learning about volume and talking about how loud or quiet music is. We listened to different songs and decided whether they were loud or quiet, and talked about whether they sounded scary, angry or happy. We then guessed which animal we thought...

Musical Visitor

  Year 4 had a wonderful afternoon when Mr John Wheeler visited us to demonstrate some amazing music on “Metal Musical Instruments.” The children listened to the accordion, harmonica and a variety of instruments and thoroughly enjoyed singing along to...
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