My family: the rules that help us live better together

1.What are the most important rules in your family?

2.What are the routine tasks in your family ?

Italian children of 2nd class answered in this way:

  • To listen to each other
  • To respect the timetable ( lunch, dinner, time to go to bed etc.)
  • To speak without shouting
  • To eat only in the kitchen
  • To sit properly during the meals
  • Not to jump on  parents’ bed
  • Not to paint the house’s walls
  • To have dinner together
  • To brush one’s teeth every evening
  • To go to bed at nine o’clock
  • To keep in order toys and school objects
  • Not to go out, in the garden, wearing slippers
  • To respect and take care of the family pet
  • Not to speak to each other from one room to another one

give a look to the whole document! le regole della famiglia italiana

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