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“peolple who help us”


We have worked hard during this term!!! Teachers have tried to share with our pupils the life of our community. How a society works everyday, It’s not an easy task. 

Every job is important in our lives, and we have got that our pupils feel that there are differens roles in the society and all toghether get a safe and lively society.

Our children thought in those peole who help us everyday and they know their diary work.

It has been an interesting work!!!! LOOK!!!!


IMG_1305 IMG_1304 IMG_1303 IMG_1302 IMG_1301 IMG_1300 IMG_1299 IMG_1298 IMG_1297 IMG_1296 IMG_1358 IMG_1380

We visited a little hospital near our school. What interesting is what we learnt there!. These people look after our health.

IMG_1317 IMG_1316 IMG_1315 IMG_1314 IMG_1313

Postmen have a hard work!!
They deliver hundreds of letters everyday!!! It’s an important job! Not everything is internet!

They look nice with their uniform!

Policemen visited our school to show us how they work.

They look after us…

My mum is a HAIRDRESSER!!

We discover our parents are community helpers too!!!


IMG_1409 IMG_1407 IMG_1406 IMG_1403 IMG_1402 IMG_1401

What are the principal jobs in a village like La Roca de la Sierra?

We discovered that most people in our village work in the primary sector, There is no industry and only a few shops…

We had the opportunity to talk with our Major!!! It has been an interesting task!!

salo rosa rogelio puerto medica luis guardia civil farmacia CARTELES alfonso

IMG_1462 IMG_1461 IMG_1460 IMG_1459

IMG_2843 IMG_2836 IMG_2834 IMG_2831 IMG_2825 IMG_2820 IMG_2816 IMG_2814 IMG_2813 IMG_2812 IMG_2810


IMG_2802 IMG_2804 IMG_2800 IMG_2797

worker (PRINT IT!!!)

IMG_1149 IMG_1148 IMG_1147 IMG_1146 IMG_1239

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