Year 2 designed Bamburgh Castle


After spending time exploring hinge and pulley mechanisms as part of the design and technology element of the Creative Curriculum, we started planning how we were going to make a large scale model of Bamburgh castle.  We decided to use cardboard boxes to build the main part of the castle because it needed to be strong.  We all contributed boxes and egg containers to help make the base. We used masking tape to join the main parts of the castle.  After painting the castle we each designed a flag.  We chose the best flag to use on our castle.  We chose the best pulley from when we created our prototypes and attached the flag.  We joined the flag to the model using blu tack.  Niall and Robbie created the folded hinge joins for the windows and the doors of the castle.  To make the drawbridge, we cut thin wooden sticks using junior hacksaws and joined them to bolsa wood using PVA glue, which we also cut to size using a junior hacksaw.  To create a high quality finish we covered the model in PVA glue.  We added tissue paper for the grassy area of the castle.


IMG_0008 (Small).JPGIMG_0012 (Small).JPGIMG_0046 1(Small).JPG12 (Small).JPG 


IMG_0001 (Small).JPG IMG_0006 (Small).JPG

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