William Gull

Year Six wrote biographies of key people in the Blaydon Race picture . . . .

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William Gull

William Gull was a man who won the Blaydon Races; he had a love of horses since he had been born. He used to travel around the world with his brother until he died at the age of 40. Unfortunately, he suffered many different terrible injuries that ended his career.

Early life  

William had an interest in horses since he was 3 years old. He and his dad used to read the paper every day hoping that something about the horses would be in it. At the young the age of 10 he travelled around the world with his older brother Ted who was 19 at the time. When he went to Spain he found an abandoned horse in a field cold and hungry, so he took it back to England. The horse inspired him to race and look after horses. Amazingly William started racing horses at the age of 12 years old. He was preparing for the Blaydon Race. Leading up to the Blaydon Race he entered a stunning 9 competitions; he won seven and came 3rd in two. William entered the Blaydon race at the age of 19, but did not get a place. Determined, he entered the following year and won! He became the youngest person to win the Blaydon Race.

Later life

William suffered an extreme injury when he fell of his horse and broke his leg at the age of 21. The injury scared William, but he was determined to get back on his horse again. Unfortunately for William he could not get going again because his horse he had found in Spain had died.

William Gull will be remembered for being the youngest person to win the Blaydon Race, and will also be remembered for being a great rider and an inspiration to all.      

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William Gull

Early Life

There was a man called William Gull and he was born in Newburn in June 1847 and by the age of 7 he loved horses. One day he was watching a horse in the field when he really wanted one. Amazingly he did get one at the age of ten. William’s parents were called James and Claire but sadly they died he was twenty five and he was alone. As a result, he did not know what to do so he decided to go and live somewhere else with his horse. He called it James after his dad so they moved to a farm in Newburn.

Later Life

Overwhelmingly, he wanted to be entered into the Blaydon Race so he did just that. The day of the big race came and he was so excited. He got onto his horse and waited until the gun went off and it did. He was zooming down when he got pushed. He fell off and landed straight on is leg. He was so injured he could not move so they had to get the doctors and sent him to hospital but he could never race again and sadly he died at the age of 60.

He will always be remembered for horse racing at the Blaydon Races. Would you like to be part of the historical Blaydon Races?

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