George Plunger

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George Plunger 

George Plunger was a man who was around at the time when the Blaydon races came to Blaydon. He created the plunger and made lots of money from it and he went to see the Blaydon Races every year.

Early life

George Plunger was born in January 1862. His parents knew that he was going to be worthy of great things. However his parents split up when he was only six weeks and baby George was sent the orphanage near by and was there until he was seventeen years old. Would you of wanted to be in George’s position? Sadly nobody came to adopt poor George so he never got any family back. As he was old enough he went to live in an old, stinky, worn out house which was probably going to collapse.

Later life

In his later life he invented the plunger and made lots of money out of it and managed to get rid of the old stinky house and moved into a new one. Later on in his life he felt lonely so he decided to go and buy a stray dog from the shelter. He called the dog Alfoso after his dad who had just died. George Plunger’s foot was broken, as an iron block fell on his foot. As a result, every year at the Blaydon Races he caried a cane. George Plunger had survived not one but two heart attacks as he was getting very old.

A few months later George died of cancer in a hospital at the age of 56, on the 19th August 1901. George Plunger will always be remembered not just for inventing the plunger but because he was a nice man and with his work with the Blaydon Races.

George Plunger will always be remembered as one of the first to witness the joy of the Blaydon Races.

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George Plunger

Have you seen a man with a dog in the Blaydon races painting, have you wondered who he is? I am going to tell you…

Early Life

George Plunger was born in 1862 in January. His father was a blacksmith, and by the age of ten, George became a proper one too. Sadly, he broke his arm when an iron mallet crushed it, but George was determined to continue and worked harder then any blacksmith.

Later Life

When he became a young man, he invented the very first metal shoe horn. Everyone thought that it was bizarre! Many shoe horns were made by George Plunger. One day, he was making a metal cup when he made it too long and found water ran smoothly through it. It became popular for disposing sewage and George owned £189 a year!

Furthermore, he bought a dog and named it Winston. He had fun taking Winston to the Blaydon Races. Eventually Winston – tired and old – passed away a year before George’s death, but before George Plunger died, he sold all his inventions to the Duke who used them in his factories.

George Plunger is said to be the most famous blacksmith in England. With the metal pipe working well today, he will always be remembered.

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