Favourite Places – Hannah, Sally, Anna, Rosie

Here are some of the new versions of the Blaydon Races as written by Year 6 …..

Favourite Places

Au jumped on the metro train, Loic Remy was there.
Oh ma gosh I got a shock and aw began to stare.
I went to Newcastle stadium to se the famous Toon,
It was two thousand an’ fourteen on a summer’s afternoon.

Oh me lads ya should o seen is gannin’,
Passing the folks along the road just as they were stannin’.
Al the lads and lasses there al the smiling faces,
Gannin’ along the Geordie Road…
To see me favourite places.

We went to beat the Sunderland team, I knew that we would win.
But when we got beat them I felt like a rubbish bin
I was very angry that we lost ‘cause we have a good team
I was so in shock that I was about to scream.


I got in ma brothers car, he has just past his test.
We flew roond corners an’ I nearly lost me vest!
I knocked on me Movers door, but I divent think she saw me.
All I wanted was to have a hot cup o tea.


Hannah, Sally, Anna and Rosie

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